Most retweeted translation and terminology specialist Jost Zetzsche comes from the USA to the EP

September 15, 2014 4:20 pm

EP workshop: The professional translator and terminology in 2014


██████ Guest speaker

Jost Zetzsche is known online as @jeromobot

Jost Zetzsche is a English-to-German translator (accredited by the American Translators’ Association), a consultant in the field of localisation and translation, and a writer on technical solutions for the translation and localisation industry. Jost is interested in the effect language and translation have on our perception of the world, and he is passionate about helping his fellow translators embrace technology.

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██████ Workshop at the EP

Jost Zetzsche will be coming for a workshop at the European Parliament on Monday, 22nd September 2014, from 14:00 to 17.30, in room SCH L6A100, Luxembourg. This workshop can also be followed from Brussels in videoconference room WIE -0U146 (EP).

The workshop will focus on the relevance of terminology for translators and how terminologists and translators can help each other today, in the era of rapid changes in translation technology. A wide range of available CAT solutions will presented, as well as the challenges translators face when working with these terminology solutions, and how terminologists can help to overcome them.

██████ How to enrol?

Staff from other EU Institutions should contact their training department to enrol. External participants can enrol by filling out this registration form, by 15th September 2014. Due to space restictions, we can offer only a limited number of places to participants coming from outside the EP.

Video interview with Jost Zetzsche

In this video, Jost Zetzsche will talk about the major changes which have been brought to the translation industry over the past 15-20 years. Besides, he will share his experience as a translator and as an entrepreneur.

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