All about youth: Translating Europe Forum 2015

November 11, 2015 6:50 pm

#TranslatingEurope Translating Europe Forum 2015 Translating Europe Forum 2015 Translating Europe Forum 2015 Translating Europe Forum 2015


The Translating Europe Forum 2015, held in Brussels on October 29th-30th, was organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation.

This year, the European Commission opened the doors of the Charlemagne building to students, mentors, researchers and young entrepreneurs since its theme was “All about youth“. The 450 seats of the Alcide de Gasperi Room were filled until the very last minute.

The aim of Translating Europe was to “enable young people to share ideas, projects, experiences and innovative approaches in translation-related fields” and “to provide networking opportunities for students, emerging translators, mentors and professionals”.

The Forum was moderated by the Spanish translator and presenter Xosé Castro, who enriched the presentations with his always original and smart insights, along with many other high-level moderators like Laura Boselli and Marta Stelmaszak.

The various presentations ranged from the translation of video games and multilingual app development to localisation at Google. But the fil rouge underneath all the presentations was the ‘translation skills gap’.The seminars considered the reasons why young translators are often not ready for the labour market after completing their Master’s degree. Various solutions were hence proposed by the speakers, including also how to increase employability through self-promotion and branding.

The labour market nowadays demands translators to be business-oriented, to manage IT tools, to be communicators, apart from the mastering of languages and translation knowledge.

Pictures have been published on the Translating Europe Facebook page and a Twitter coverage of the event is available at #translatingeurope (see Storify below).

Our sincere congratulations to Laura Boselli and the organising committee and all the participants!



Written by Maria Pia Montoro
EurTerm Coordinator
TermCoord Unit


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