Machine Translation: from science fiction to reality

May 19, 2016 3:21 pm

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A few days ago we wrote about the Babel Fish, a sci-fi creature that – inserted in your ear – allows you to understand any language.

Not so many days later, the Daily Mail published a very interesting article about a new tech gadget, called Pilot, that will allow – through speech recognition and machine translation – two people speaking different languages to talk and understand each other.

The article also takes stock of machine translation’s current situation: what could only seem science fiction a few years ago is now becoming a tangible reality, and new amazing progress awaits us in the next few years.

Discover more reading the article here:

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  • Marinus H.B. Vesseur

    Wow! The Daily Mail, eh? Talk about experts. Why does that stupid earpiece gadget get so much media coverage. Don’t you think there is a very great likelihood this thing is going to suck? Nobody seems to have actually tested it. Crazy.

    • EP TermCoord

      Hi Marinus, although nobody can be sure about the actual quality of this product, its development still represents a big innovation in the field of translation, don’t you think? It sure deserves a mention, at least in specialised blogs and websites.

  • Jiminy Cricket

    Many other newspapers spread their words about this little piece of technology and the one you pick was the Daily Mail!

    • EP TermCoord

      Hi Jiminy, that particular article seemed the most exhaustive in this case, since it also provides an overview of the latest real-time translation tools.