I-ATE: Autumn is Mushroom Time!

November 19, 2016 11:44 am


The leaves of the trees have changed their colours and we have start opening our umbrellas. The beginning of autumn can be translated in just one thing in Europe and this brings life and a special beauty to our forests. But what does this mean for cooking? Go for a walk in the nearest forest and take a look at the ground. You will be delighted by a large variety of mushrooms and fungi coming out to the surface! They are very appreciated in gastronomy due to their versatility and taste. Have you already tasted them? How do you prefer cooking them?

Not all forest mushrooms can be consumed but there are many species of edible mushrooms and many ways to cook them in various regions and countries. So today we will share how people from different places enjoy this autumnal product of the land from Simplymanna.com -a Gourmet Mushroom website. Pure inspiration!

Genoese Mushroom SauceItaly
This mushroom sauce is so tasty over gnocchi, polenta, and ravioli or just about anything. For traditional meat sugo add a pound of ground lamb while you sauté your onions for a rich and a flavourful starter.


Mushroom Julienne Russia
Chicken and Mushroom Julienne is where the French cuisine meets the Russian one. Despite the name, Julienne is an Eastern European dish, which is made by sautéing a small amount of flour in a hot, dry skillet until it is golden brown and by adding clarified butter. If you are counting calories, this creamy dish may not be your first option but anyway, it is Saturday… and we promise to close our eyes and enjoy!


Vegetarian Stifatho with Oyster MushroomsGreece
In Greece, stifatho (stee-FAH-thoh), are tomato-based stews.  Typically, stifathos are made with pearl onions and usually include cinnamon. This delicacy can be prepared with meat or even seafood. Be sure to check that your meat is cooked through before serving, just in case!


Oyster Mushroom PateFrance
This vegan pâté is an impressive, and flavourful appetizer. The serving style of pâté is as varied as its ingredients. Serve it cold in a rectangular or oval dish and you have a terrine. Place pastry around the pâté and you will have pâté en croûte.


Spiced Noodles with Tofu and Oyster MushroomsMalaysia
Ginger, lemon-grass and coconut milk are traditional flavours of Malaysian cooking.  This noodle comfort food is prepared with tofu for a traditional vegetarian meal, however it is equally delicious with chicken or fish.


Paneer MushroomIndia
In a country known for its vegetarian food Indian people uses subtle, earthy flavours of mushrooms just for a meat substitute. You also might be surprised to discover that a cup of oyster mushrooms has only 3 grams of proteins. Whether you are celebrating meatless Monday, or eat meatless every day, these flavour packed Indian favourites are sure to be anything but ordinary.  This recipe uses the delicious mild Indian cheese called paneer.  Do not worry if you do not have access to an Indian food store, paneer is easy to make at home, you just need some milk and lemon juice or vinegar to prepare it.


Even though cookery books are filled with mushroom dishes, mushroom lovers keep on creating more and more delicious food by using this seasonal product. What is the speciality in your country? Our mouths are watering! Send us your proposals!

Written by Ana Baudot –  Journalist and Social media manager.
Communication Trainee at DG TRAD. Terminology Coordination Unit



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