Terminology websites

tildeTilde Terminology – services: terminology extraction and lookup in the cloud – about 5 million standardised and reliable terms; cloud facilities for terminology management and sharing; integrated terminology recognition and lookup in Translation Environment Tools: SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast Anywhere, OmegaT, memoQ.
CaptureTermNet – TermNet is an international association of organizations, companies and institutions with an interest in all things that can be described by the term “terminology”
Capture1TermWiki.com is an online terminology portal that allows users to search, upload, translate and share terms and definitions with other users (over 100 languages).
CaptureTERMCAT (CA, ES, EN) – Catalan Centre for Terminology
CaptureTerminology Forum: is a global non-profit information forum for for freely available terminological information online.
CaptureGlossarissimo! (EN) – Monolingual and multilingual resources and terminology for translators and interpreters
CaptureTerminologia etc. (IT) – Terminology, localisation, translation and linguistics by Licia Corbolante
CaptureBik Terminology (EN) – Terminology training and consultancy by Barbara Inge Karsch


German and Slovak Law

Terminology blogs

WordLooWordLo – terminology blog by Maria Pia Montoro
InmyowntermsIn My Own Terms (EN, ES, FR, PT) – by Patricia Brenes, a terminology lover who offers a one-stop window for Terminology as a discipline and terminology as a practice.
UntitledThe Interpreter Diaries – blog by Michelle Hof, professional conference interpreter and trainer.
anacabralIndie. Ana Words – blog by Ana Cabral
UntitledBlog di EUROTERMINOLOGIA  – blog by Prof. Manuela Cipri Castorina, in collaboration with Olga Jeczmyk and Antonio Taglialatela


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