Translation websites and blogs

European ComissionEuropean Commission – Translation and Drafting resources: Stuck for a term in an EU language? Need background information on the EU and its member countries? Here’s our pick of links you may find useful (for every EU language).
StanzaTranslation Times – The entrepreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las Vegas and Vienna.
StanzaThoughts on Translation – an online gathering place for freelance translators.
Ca5pture20.000 Lenguas (ES) – trilingual translation, interpreting and localization blog (mostly in Spanish but also in English and Italian) run by a former termcoordie Olga Jeczmyk, a professional translator, interpreter and social media manager, more known as @OlgaJeNo on Twitter
blogSur les seuils du traduire (FR) – blog run by José Yuste Frías, Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
about translationAbout Translations (EN) – information, news and opinions about professional translation
words-to-go-effectWords to good effect (EN) – translation, writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language, business and books
style guideInterinstitutional Style Guide uniform stylistic rules and conventions which must be used by all EU institutions
european society for translationEST (EN) – European Society for Translation Studies Dictionary – many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary
bootheandoBootheando (ES) – blog on conference interpretation
Traducir_es_EscubrirTraducir es descubrir
signs&Symptoms of TranslationSigns and symptoms of translation
Carol adventures translationCarol’s Adventures in Translation – blog run by Caroline Alberoni, from Alberoni Translations. A qualified professional translator working from English and Italian into Brazilian Portuguese
text-appealTextappeal – blog about culture shock topics, transcreation, best practises, a global marketing podcast, etc.
Business Dictionary ApplicationBusiness Dictionary (English-Macedonian and Macedonian-English) by Aneta Naumoska
Capture12 Translation blog (EN) – offers good advice for translators with many specializations (although mostly focused on German culture)
Capture10Linguistic blog (EN) – provides an overview of the changes influencing languages and curiosities about many words


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  • Intertext Traducción Documenta

    Hello Terminology Coordination,
    I love the idea of having a list with all the blogs about a topic to have a better overview!
    Is it possible to include our website We also have a blog section where we post frecuently about translation related topics and news.
    Kind Regards

    • termcoord

      ¡Buenos días!

      Gracias por la propuesta, le vamos a echar una ojeada.

      Que tengáis un feliz inicio de semana.


  • Pablo Muguerza

    Please consider including in your list my resources on medical translation:

    My blog (,
    My FB Wall (Traducción médica aplicada
    or my website (

    Thank you!

  • vanan translate

    Please consider adding my website in that list

  • All LanguageAlliance

    Please add legal translation blog Translation for Lawyers to this list. It deals with issues of interest to legal interpreters and legal translators

  • Edward Mullins

    We provide translation services in over 150 languages.
    Based in London, UK we work mainly with businesses from various sectors including legal, marketing and engineering sectors.
    Our site is
    Thank you.