Translation websites and blogs

European ComissionEuropean Commission – Translation and Drafting resources: Stuck for a term in an EU language? Need background information on the EU and its member countries? Here’s our pick of links you may find useful (for every EU language).
StanzaTranslation Times – The entrepreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las Vegas and Vienna.
StanzaThoughts on Translation – an online gathering place for freelance translators.
Ca5pture20.000 Lenguas (ES) – trilingual translation, interpreting and localization blog (mostly in Spanish but also in English and Italian) run by a former termcoordie Olga Jeczmyk, a professional translator, interpreter and social media manager, more known as @OlgaJeNo on Twitter
blogSur les suils du traduire (FR) – blog run by José Yuste Frías, Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
about translationAbout Translations (EN) – information, news and opinions about professional translation
words-to-go-effectWords to good effect (EN) – translation, writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language, business and books
style guideInterinstitutional Style Guide uniform stylistic rules and conventions which must be used by all EU institutions
european society for translationEST (EN) – European Society for Translation Studies Dictionary – many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary
bootheandoBootheando (ES) – blog on conference interpretation
Traducir_es_EscubrirTraducir es descubrir
signs&Symptoms of TranslationSigns and symptoms of translation
Carol adventures translationCarol’s Adventures in Translation – blog run by Caroline Alberoni, from Alberoni Translations. A qualified professional translator working from English and Italian into Brazilian Portuguese
text-appealTextappeal – blog about culture shock topics, transcreation, best practises, a global marketing podcast, etc.
Business Dictionary ApplicationBusiness Dictionary (English-Macedonian and Macedonian-English) by Aneta Naumoska
Capture12 Translation blog (EN) – offers good advice for translators with many specializations (although mostly focused on German culture)
Capture10Linguistic blog (EN) – provides an overview of the changes influencing languages and curiosities about many words


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  • Intertext Traducción Documenta

    Hello Terminology Coordination,
    I love the idea of having a list with all the blogs about a topic to have a better overview!
    Is it possible to include our website We also have a blog section where we post frecuently about translation related topics and news.
    Kind Regards

    • termcoord

      ¡Buenos días!

      Gracias por la propuesta, le vamos a echar una ojeada.

      Que tengáis un feliz inicio de semana.


  • Pablo Muguerza

    Please consider including in your list my resources on medical translation:

    My blog (,
    My FB Wall (Traducción médica aplicada
    or my website (

    Thank you!

  • vanan translate

    Please consider adding my website in that list