Transliteration from and into Ukrainian

  • Table of common personal and geographical names compiled by TermCoord: click here
  • UNESCO: Transliteration table Ukrainian–English: click here [6.12.2013]
  • Official Ukrainian-to-Latin transliteration rules (approved by Resolution no. 55 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine): click here [6.12.2013]
  • Table of Transliteration of the Ukrainian Alphabet by Means of the Latin Alphabet (UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names): click here [6.12.2013]
  • Ukrainian Cyrillic converter: click here [6.12.2013]
  • Translittération du russe, du biélorusse et de l’ukrainien (selon la norme ISO 9): click here [6.12.2013]
  • Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France: La translittération des caracteres cyrilliques: click here [6.12.2013]

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