International Conferences 2018

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Valencia (Spain), 10-14 January 2018: 37th Assembly AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters)

Edinburgh (UK), 11-12 January 2018: 13th Forum for Germanic Language Studies Conference

London (UK), 12-14 January 2018: Old World Conference on Phonology

Leipzig (Germany), 15-16 January 2018: Patterns of repetition in language use

Geneva (Switzerland), 16-18 January: Geneva WH-orkshop on Optional Insituness (GenWH 2018)

Madeira (Portugal), 16-18 January 2018: Special Session on Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence

Zurich (Switzerland), 18-20 January 2018: Öffentlichkeit als Interaktion

Bandung (Indonesia), 22-24 January 2018: Bandung English Language Teaching International Conference (BELTIC)

Wardha (India), 27-28 January 2018: Twelfth Students’ Conference of Linguistics in India

Seoul (South Korea), 29-30 January 2018: Translation & Interpreting in the Digital Era

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Ahwaz (Iran), 1-2 February 2018: The Second International Conference on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics

Dublin (Ireland), 1-3 February 2018: Language, Identity and Education in Multilingual Contexts (LIEMC18)

Siena (Italy), 1-3 February 2018: Il Parlato – Lo Scritto: Aspetti Teorici e Didattici

Helsinki (Finland), 2 February 2018: Affect in Language

Villeneuve d’Ascq (France), 2 February 2018: Traduction & Qualité 2018 (TQ2018) : biotraduction et traduction automatique

Rome (Italy), 2-5 February 2018: AIIC Training of Trainers: Feedback (and Bridging the Gap)

London (UK), 3 February 2018: The Value of Legal Translation Professionals

Oslo (Norway), 5-9 February 2018: MultiLing Winter School 2018: Language policy in multilingual contexts – methodological approaches

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) 10-11 February 2018: 14th Annual CamTESOL Conference

London (UK), 14-16 February 2018: ConSOLE London 2018 (Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe)

Tbilisi (Georgia), 15-17 February 2018: Second Language Teaching/Acquisition in the Context of Multilingual Education

Tübingen (Germany), 15-17 February 2018: Linguistic Evidence 2018 – Experimental data drives linguistic theory

Mysuru (India), 21-23 February 2018: 6th International Conference on Endangered and Lesser Known Languages (ELKL-6)

Paris (France), 22-24 February 2018: WS Co-Distributivity 2018

Rome (Italy), 22-24 February 2018: Language in Context: The Pragmatic Perspective

Arizona (USA), 23-24 February 2018: 28th Annual Graduate and Professional Symposium on Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature, Language and Culture

Naples (Italy), 23-24 February 2018: Words, Images and Ideology of Populism 3.0

St. Petersburg (Russia), 26-27 February 2018: Night Whites 2018- 4th St. Petersburg Winter Workshop on Experimental Studies of Speech and Language

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MARCH 2018

Texas (USA), 1-2 March 2018: 24th Annual University of Texas at Arlington Student Conference in Linguistics and TESOL

New Jersey (USA), 2-3 March: CFP: Love in Translation

Indiana (USA), 2-4 March 2018: 3rd Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics (ConCALL-3)

Indiana (USA), 2-4 March 2018: The Purdue Linguistics, Literature, and Second Language Studies Conference

Sussex (UK), 3 March 2018: 16th Corpus Linguistics in the South

Toronto (Canada), 3 March 2018: Translation and (De)colonization

Köthen (Germany), 5-9 March 2018: Trends in Translation and Localization

Ontario (Canada), 9 March 2018: Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research

Breda (Netherlands), 9-10 March 2018: The Language Industry 4.0: Embracing the future?

Oviedo (Spain), 14-16 March 2018: I International Conference on Research in Multilingualism: Innovation and New Challenges

Paris (France), 15-16 March 2018: Troisième colloque international DIA du français actuel – Le français innovant

Melaka (Malaysia), 15-17 March 2018: 1st International ASEAN-English Language Teaching Conference

Iowa (USA), 21-23 March 2018: Validation research in language assessment:Contributions from methods in applied linguistics

Zadar (Croatia), 21-24 March 2018, 5th Zadar Linguistic Forum Language Documentation and the Treatment of Spoken Language

Berlin (Germany), 22-24 March 2018: 16th Blankensee Colloquium

Freiburg (Germany), 22-24 March 2018: Focus on Language: Challenging Language Learning and Language Teaching in Peace and Global Education: From Principles to Practices

Prague (Czech Republic), 22-23 March 2018: Hradec Králové Anglophone Conference

Warsaw (Poland), 23-24 March 2018: The Translation and Localization Conference 2018 

Philadelphia (USA), 23-25 March 2018: 42nd Annual Penn Linguistics Conference 

Chicago (USA), 24-27 March 2018: 2018 conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics

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APRIL 2018

Krakow (Poland), 4-5 April 2018: From morals to the macabre in translation for children

Maastricht (Netherlands), 6 April 2018: Sociolinguistics Circle 2018

Quebec (Canada), 6 April 2018: 17­­e­ édition de L’Odyssée de la traductologie

Virginia (USA), 6-7 April 2018: Making Research Matter: Motivated Inquiry for Actionable Insights

North Carolina (USA), 7 April 2018: Linguistics Graduate Student Association Annual Spring Colloquium

Michigan (USA), 7-8 April 2018: Healthcare Interpreter Conference

Ottawa (Canada), 13-15 April 2018: 23ème Atelier sur la grammaire et la structure syntagmatique des langues des Amériques

Cambridge (UK), 16-18 April 2018: Global approaches to multilingualism and standardisation

Lisbon (Portugal) 16-18 April 2018: VII International Conference on Hispanic Linguistics, Language and Society

Villejuif (France), 18-20 April 2018: 5th International Conference on Mande Languages and Linguistics

Cadiz (Spain), 19-21 April 2018: 36th International AESLA Conference: Applied Linguistics and knowledge transfer: employability, internationalization and social challenges

Moscow (Russia), 19-20 April 2018: 8th International Research Conference ‘Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication’

Pisa (Italy), 19-20 April 2018: Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages: between Linguistics and Philology

Vienna (Austria), 19-20 April 2018: BP18 Translation Conference

Tromsø (Norway), 19-20 April 2018: TALV workshop: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Language Variation

Brasov (Romania), 20-21 April 2018: 16th conference on British and American Studies

Taipei (Taiwan), 20-21 April 2018: 2018 International Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching

Texas (USA), 20-21 April 2018: Language in Society: Culture, Space, and Identity

Shantou (China), 20-22 April 2018: ELC 2018 Conference: Revisiting ELT Practices in Multicultural Contexts: Evidence Based Practices

Haifa (Israel), 23 April 2018: International Conference for Graduate students on Diverse Approaches to Linguistics (IGDAL)

Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), 23-26 April 2018: 1st Conference on Frisian Humanities

Valladolid (Spain), 25-27 April 2018: International Conference ‘Multilingual Language Theories and Practices’ (MLTP2018)

Prague (Czech Republic), 26-28 April 2018: Linguistics Prague 2018

Alicante (Spain), 26-27 April 2018: LexESP 2018: V International Seminar on English and ESP Lexicology and Lexicography: The Words of the Law

Limerick (Ireland), 26-27 April 2018: European Academic Colloquium

Boston (USA), 28 April 2018: 22nd Annual NETA conference

Toronto (Canada), 30 April 2018: Experimental Portuguese Linguistics Workshop (ExPortLi)

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MAY 2018

Aveiro (Portugal), 2-4 May 2018: Congresso Internacional em Variação Linguística nas Línguas Românicas

Bern (Switzerland), 2-4 May 2018: X-SCAPES – 10th Linguistic Landscape Workshop

Amsterdam (Netherlands), 3-4 May 2018: Contested Languages in the Old World 3

Ankara (Turkey), 3-4 May 2018: 13th METU International ELT Convention

Ottawa (Canada), 3-4 May 2018: «Translanguaging»: Opportunités et défis dans un monde globalisé

Thessaloniki (Greece), 3-5 May 2018: 5th International Language in Focus Conference – Contemporary Means and Methods in ELT and Applied Linguistics

Surrey (UK), 4-5 May 2018: 10th International Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL10)

California (USA), 4-6 May 2018: 27th annual meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL)

Ontario (Canada), 4-6 May 2018: Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (SULA) 10

Agadir (Morocco), 9-10 May 2018: First International Conference on Multilingualism and Multilingual Education

Budapest (Hungary), 10-13 May 2018: 18th International Morphology Meeting

Sapporo (Japan), 10-12 May 2018: 11th English Lingusitic Society of Japan (ELSJ) International Spring Forum

Miyasaki (Japan), 12 May 2018: International FrameNet Workshop 2018: Multilingual FrameNets and Constructicons

Riga (Latvia), 16-19 May 2018:  “Meaning in Translation: Illusion of Precision”

Szczyrk (Poland), 17-19 May 2018: 30th International Conference on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition

Oxford (UK), 17-18 May 2018: Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages: between Linguistics and Philology

Riga (Latvia), 17-18 May 2018: Contemporary Research in Phonetics and Phonology: Methods, Aspects and Problems (CRiPaP)

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 18-19 May: Congreso Hispanoamericano de Traducción Audiovisual

Hsinchu (Taiwan), 18-19 May 2018: Repositioning TEFL in Applied Linguistics

Zaragoza (Spain), 18-20 May 2018: Congreso XV aniversario 2018 AsociaciónEspañola de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes

Stellenbosch (South Africa), 22-24 May 2018: Fourth International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation

Barcelona (Spain), 23-26 May 2018: Latin American Studies in a Globalized World

Odense (Denmark), 23-24 May 2018: The 15th Nordic Symposium on Child Language

Leeds (UK), 23-24 May 2018: 3rd Languages in the Globalised World (LGW) Conference

Braunschweig (Germany), 24-25 May 2018: 2nd International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 Processing in Adults and Children

Montreal (Canada), 24-25 May 2018: 7th Meeting on Language Teaching (MeLT 2018)

Montana (USA), 24-26 May 2018: 21st Biennial Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literature and Folklore

Ghent (Belgium), 24-26 May 2018: Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains (TISLID 18), Languages for digital lives and cultures

Stellenbosch (South Africa), 25-26 May 2018: Translation and context: Perspectives on and from Africa

Zagreb (Croatia), 25-26 May 2018: International conference 2018: Terminology research in musicology and the humanities

Bochum (Germany), 25-27 May 2018: 15th EALTA Conference Technology-Based Language Assessment:Benefits and Challenges

Patras (Greece), 25-27 2018: 5th Patras International Conference of Graduate students in Linguistics

Sofia (Bulgaria), 28-29 May 2018: Third Conference on Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria

Genova (Italy), 28-30 May 2018: XVesimo Congresso della Società Internazionale di Linguistica e Filologia Italiana

Helsinki (Finland), 28-30 May 2018: Discourse-Pragmatic Variation & Change (DiPVaC)

Regina (Canada), 28-30 May 2018: Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics- Annual Conference

Edinburgh (UK), 30-31 May 2018: Translation and interpreting in an era of demographic and technological change – Innovations in research, practice and training

Leiden (The Netherlands), 30 May – 1 June 2018: HiSoN (Historical Sociolinguistics Network) conference “Making Waves in Historical Sociolinguistics”

Pavia (Italy), 30 May – 1 June 2018: 2nd Experimental Pragmatics in Italy Conference ( 2018)

Saskatchewan (Canada), 30 May – 1 June 2018: Canadian Linguistic Association Conference

Tarragona (Spain), 30 May – 1 June 2018: Colloquium on Generative Grammar

Toulouse (France), 30 May – 2 June: APLIUT 2018: Ré-fléchir l’internationalisation des formations : quels dispositifs d’enseignement/apprentissage des langues de spécialité, professionnelles ou générales?

Tampere (Finland), 30 May – 3 June: 39th Annual Conference of the International Computer Archive for Modern and Medieval English

Sheffield (UK), 31 May – 1 June 2018: Language policy in the age of diversity: Dilemmas and hopes

New Westminster (Canada), 31 May – 2 June 2018: International Conference on Multilingualism & Multilingual Education (ICMME18)

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JUNE 2018

Tours (France), 1-2 June 2018: 32e Colloque du Cercle Linguistique du Centre et de l’Ouest

California (USA), 1-3 June 2018: 46th annual meeting of the North Atlantic Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics (NACAL)

Rethymno (Greece) 1-3 June 2018: 5th International Conference ‘Crossroads of Languages and Cultures’ (CLC5)

Basel (Switzerland), 6-8 June 2018: VALS-ASLA 2018: A Video Turn in Linguistics? Methodologie – Analisi – Applications

Paris (France), 6-9 June 2018: 58e Congrès de la SAES

Chambery (France), 7-8 June 2018: Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications

Paris (France), 7-9 June 2018: MEITS 2018

Tokyo (Japan), 7-10 June 2018:Psychology of Language Learning

Lucknow (India), 8-9 June 2018: Himalayan Languages Symposium

’s‑Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), 8-10 June 2018: SENSE 2018 ConferenceTrends affecting language professionals

Nicosia (Cyprus), 8-10 June 2018: 8th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics & Communication

Rijeka (Croatia), 8-10 June 2018: CLARC 2018 Perspectives on Linguistic Diversity

Reykjavik (Iceland), 13-15 June 2018: Early Language Learning 2018

Valletta (Malta), 13-15 June 2018: 9th Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies (IVACS) International Biennial Conference 2018

Vigo (Spain), 13-15 June 2018: XIII Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Xeral 

Nantes (France), 14-15 June 2018: Element Theory

Sangtiago de Compostela (Spain), 14-15 June 2018: ICNICE 2018: Pushing English to the limit. Innovation, creativity and communicative negotiation in native and non-native contexts

Vilnius (Lithuania), 14-15 June 2018: 3rd International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference ‘Educational Role of Language. How do we understand it?’

Ormskirk (UK), 16 June 2018: Corpus Approaches to Lexicogrammar

Pokfulam (Hong Kong), 14-16 June 2018: 5th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research

Wroclaw (Poland), 16-17 June 2018: Languages in Contact/Cultures in Contact 2018

Vichy (France), 16-26 June 2018: 6th World Congress and School on Universal Logic

Geneva (Switzerland), 18-20 June 2018: Transius Conference

Stockholm (Sweden), 18-20 June 2018: Exploring Language Education (ELE): Global and Local Perspectives

York (UK), 18-21 June 2018: 20th Diachronic Generative Syntax conference

Lisbon (Portugal), 19-22 June 2018: LabPhon16 – Variation, development and impairment: Between phonetics and phonology

Barcelona (Spain), 20-22 June 2018: Fourth International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation

Genoa (Italy), 20-22 June 2018: 9th International Conference on Historical Lexicology an Lexicography

Palermo (Italy), 20-22 June 2018: NooJ 2018 International Conference

Nitra (Slovakia), 21-23 June 2018: 6th World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their Non-Dominant Varieties 2018

Kyoto (Japan), 23-24 June 2018: Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia

Reading (UK), 25-26 June 2018: Child Language Symposium

Łódź (Poland), 25-27 June 2018: 27th Annual Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of English

Santander (Spain), 25-27 June 2018: V Congreso Internacional de Lingüí­stica y Literatura

Alicante (Spain), 27-29 June 2018:  III International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation

Macau (China), 27-29 June 2018: 16th Asia TEFL International Conference

Auckland (New Zealand), 27-30 June 2018: Sociolinguistics Symposium 22

Tokyo (Japan), 29 June- 1 July 2018: The 25th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
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JULY 2018

Aukland (New Zealand), 2-6 July 2018: 40th Language Testing Research Colloquium

London (UK), 4-6 July 2018: 3rd Arabic Linguistics Forum

Lyon (France), 4-6 July 2018: 4ème Congrès International de Néologie des Langues Romanes

San Luis (Argentina), 4-6 July 2018: International Congress liLETRAd 2018 – Cátedra Liletrad

Soria (Spain), 4-6 July 2018: 4th International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity in Schools and Society

Amsterdam (Netherlands), 4-7 July 2018: 14th ALA Conference: Towards Language Awarene Citizenship

Pavia (Italy), 5-7 July 2018:28th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference 2018

Wrocław (Poland), 5-8 July 2018: QUALICO 2018 – International Quantitative Linguistics Conference 

Poznań, (Poland), 9-10 July 2018: 3rd Poznań Conference of Celtic Studies

(Belgium), 9-13 July 2018: 6e Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française

Montréal (Canada), 9-13 July 2018: 6ᵉ Congrès mondial de linguistique française

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), 10-11 July 2018: 12th International Free Linguistics Conference

Cologne (Germany), 11-13 July 2018: 2nd International Conference Prominence in Language 2018

Ljubljana (Slovenia), 17-21 July 2018: XVIII EURALEX International Congress

Boston (USA), 23-27 July 2018: LACUS: Expanding Resources and Making Connections

Massachusetts (USA), 23-27 July: 2018 International Systemic Functional Congress

Padua (Italy), 25-27 July 2018: Exploring and Assessing Pragmatic Aspects of L1 and L2 Communication: From Needs Analysis through Monitoring to Feedback

Birmingham (UK), 25-28 July 2018: PALA Conference 2018

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York (UK), 2-5 August 2018: Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics

Odense (Denmark), 15-17 August 2018: 9th International Conference on Multimodality

Santa Fe (USA), 20-25 August 2018: 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2018)

Toronto (Canada), 23-25 August 2018: Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference

Edinburgh (UK), 27-31 August 2018: 20th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics

Talinn (Estonia), 29 August -1 September 2018: 51st Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europea

Brno (Czech Republic), 29 August- 2 September: 14th ESSE Conference

Helsinki (Finland), 30 August – 1 September 2018: ICAGL 2 – International Colloquium on Ancient Greek Linguistics

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Paris (France), 3-5 September 2018: Syntax of the World’s Languages 8

Bonn (Germany), 6-8 September 2018: 13th International legal forum ‘Legal Translating and Interpreting in a Changing World: Technology – Outsourcing – Shifts’

Budapest (Hungary), 6-8 September 2018: 2nd International Conference on Sociolinguistics (ICS-2)

York (UK), 6-8 September 2018: 51st annual meeting of the British Association of Applied Linguistics

Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 12-14 September 2018: Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies

Paris (France), 13-14 September 2018: 13th International Conference on Romani Linguistics – LACITO laboratory at the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle

Lisbon (Portugal), 13-15 September 2018: The 11th International Conference on Multilingualism and Third Language Acquisition

Newcastle (UK), 17-18 September 2018: Talking to the World Conference 3

Leuven (Belgium), 20-22 September 2018: Legal and Institutional Translation Policies

Osnabrück (Germany), 26-29 September 2018: Krieg und Frieden. Zur Produktivität von Krisen und Konflikten

Warsaw (Poland), 26-29 September 2018: 3rd Symposium on West African Languages

Genova (Italy), 27-28 September 2018: 3rd International Conference on the Sociolinguistics of Immigration

Sofia (Bulgaria), 28-29 September 2018: Traditions and Transitions

Valencia (Spain), 29-30 September 2018: IAPTI International Conference 2018

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Indiana (USA), 5-7 October 2018: First International Conference on Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (ICLCLE) 

Pulau Pinang (Malaysia), 17-19 October 2018: International Seminar on Translation and Interpreting 2018

Manizales (Colombia), 26-28 October 2018: XVI Simposio de la Red Iberoamericana de Terminología

Graz (Austria), 31 October- 3 November 2018: Urban Language Research 2018

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Albany (USA), 1-3 November 2018: 4th International Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA)

Gothenburg (Sweden), 29-30 November 2018: Names in Writing – NORNA:s 48th symposium

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