Role and operations of the Troika

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The following IATE entries have been or are being updated in all languages to help the translation of texts belonging to the procedures 2013/2277(INI) and 201/2007(INI).

3555837EU-IMF financial assistance programme financial assistance programme
3555839disorderly default
3555842precautionary financial assistance
320000accumulated deficit
748439supreme audit institution
2248461bilateral loan
930141employment mismatch
1104476domestic demand
909845hardship clause
126590social concertation
131846social dumping
1740274social rights
918129unjustified dismissal
794721fundamental labour rights workers’ rights
132437legitimate expectation
127507debt position
3501166discretionary spending discretionary expenditure
3527921insured depositor
804726external imbalance
932346civic participation citizen participation
1896495social acquis
3547549debt mutualisation
3555866macroeconomic stabiliser
916303asymmetric shock
1569447unemployment insurance
3555867By-Laws of the European Stability Mechanism
3555868Board of Auditors
3555856Board of Directors
3545760Board of Governors
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