Animal and Plant Health Package

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COM(2013)264 Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: Healthier animals and plants and a safer agri-food chain. A modernised legal framework for a more competitive EU
2013/0136(COD) Animal health
2013/0137(COD) Plant reproductive material: production and making available on the market
2013/0140(COD) Official controls and activities performed to ensure the application of food and feed law, rules on animal health and welfare, plant health, plant reproductive material, plant protection products
2013/0141(COD) Protective measures against pests of plants

Summaries of EU legislation (site: 11 languages, documentation often in 22 languages)


World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)


Language/Country-specific material


Reference documents:

Grundnotat: Planteformeringsmaterialeforordningen

Grundnotat: Forordning om dyresundhed

National legislation: Lov om hold af dyr


Glossar: Pflanzenschutz, Pflanzenernährung, Schädlingsbekämpfung und Biotechnologie

National legislation: Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch


Verordnung zum Schutz landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere und anderer zur Erzeugung tierischer Produkte gehaltener Tiere bei ihrer Haltung


Plant variety database of EC (divided in Agricultural plant species and Vegetable species):

Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority Glossary

UK Committee on Toxicity Glossary of Terms

US Environmental Protection Agency Pesticides Glossary


Agro-industry glossary

Food security glossaries:


Põllumajandusministeerium (Ministry of Agriculture)

Taimetervis (Plant health)

Toiduohutus (Food safety)

Loomade tervis, heaolu ja aretus (Animal health)

Põllumajandusamet (Agricultural Board)

Taimetervis (Plant health)

Veterinaar- ja Toiduamet (Veterinary and Food Board)

Loomatervishoid (Animal health)

Loomakaitse (Animal protection)

Toit (Food safety)


Agro-industry Glossary

Food security glossaries:

Animal feeding:


Irish Food Safety Authority Publications and Reports (EN/GA)

Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority Glossary

An Roinn Talmhaíochta, Bia agus Mara: bileoga eolais maidir leis an nGalar Crúb, an nGalar Gormtheanga agus an Eitinn Bhuaibheach


Glossario sulla sicurezza alimentare (IT,EN,FR)

Glossario zootecnico e della macellazione

Carne e prodotti carnei: Glossario di macellazione e conservazione (Tesi di Laurea)

Glossario agroalimentare

Glossario di terminologia fitosanitaria

Glossario agricoltura biologica

Manuali di buona prassi igienica validati dal Ministero della salute a cura della Direzione generale per l’igiene e la sicurezza degli alimenti e la nutrizione


E130028 – plaagorganismen bij planten

Veiligere voedselketen

Verordening financiering pakket gezondere dieren en planten


Food quality and safety:

Animal health and welfare:


Ministerul agriculturii și dezvoltării rurale

Plant health-Fitosanitar

Autoritatea Națională Sanitară Veterinară și pentru siguranța alimentelor


Slovenska zakonodaja po področjih:





Reference documents:

National legislation:

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