Circular Economy Package

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2015/0272(COD), 2015/0274(COD), 2015/0275(COD)

The following IATE entries have been or are being updated in all languages to help the translation of related texts.

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1st Batch

3569133Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association
3567279cascading use principle
3570390Circular Economy Package
3569135consumption patterns
3569138crossed-out wheeled bin symbol
3533256end-of-life cost
2144809environmental benefits
2144811environmental costs
46419environmental impact of transport
901624environmentally sound
3569141EU action plan for Circular Economy
3569142European Topic Centre on Waste and Materials
3569296recovery target

2nd Batch

1408991heavy metal content
130164environmental labelling
886662landfill of waste
51113material flows
3569158material recovery
50297waste management infrastructure
3569159raw Materials Scoreboard
881961recoverable nature of packaging
140525recovery operation
3569300recycling efficiency
2232518five-step waste hierarchy
3566775take-back system
900242treatment technology
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