European Fund for Strategic Investments 2015/0009 (COD)

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The English fields of the following entries have been created or updated in IATE, which include, whenever possible and relevant, also a definition to help understanding. The terms in the other languages will be gradually added or updated by the end of April.

IATE IDSource term
3563844EU guarantee fund
3563870investment platform
3563839EFSI Agreement
3563852European investment project directory
European investment project pipeline
3563846Steering Board
3563208Investment Committee
3563799European Investment Advisory Hub
3563657European Investment Advisory Service
3563209investment guidelines
854123investment gap
769584defaulting debtor
3511522risk-bearing capacity
2248078pari passu
3549997risk absorption
1118993call a guarantee / guarantee call /
(a) call on a guarantee
3564619unallocated margin
2251191liquidity cushion
3564620first loss guarantee
2210933Industrial leadership
3564622Societal challenges
3540522Excellent science
3518474European supergrid
3564669supergrid / super grid
3539180Project Bond Initiative
3517477smart growth
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