Five key communication projects

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The following IATE entries have been or are being updated in all languages to help the translation of texts belonging to the five key communication projects of DG COMM: EYE 2016, Gender Equality Programme, LUX Prize, Sakharov Prize, Visitors’ Services and Website.

IATE entryTerm
3566032Agora Simone Veil
3567759Belarusian Association of Journalists
3533469Committee on Equal Opportunities and Diversity (COPEC)
3566001digital cinema package


3539292digital game
157450digital revolution
3567760editorial charter
894796empowerment of women
3566031Esplanade Solidarność 1980
2250842European Citizens’ Prize
3563983European Youth Event
927793European Youth Forum
3565997European Youth Press
1395342freedom of the press
3567691Global Education First Initiative
304921hunger strike
1648896investigative journalism

investigative reporting



3565994LUX Film Days
3565996LUX Film Prize Official Selection

LUX Prize Official Selection and Competition

3566128LUX Film Prize Selection Panel
3565992LUX Prize

LUX Film Prize

2201893Moscow Helsinki Group
3539301National Transitional Council
3567761Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)
3566009online privacy

Internet privacy

digital privacy

763465open day

open doors

Open Doors Day

289979Parliamentary Party of Kosovo
72702political dissident
3565998Public Audience Mention

Public Mention

3566704refugee crisis
230881Reporters Without Borders
3567692Sakharov Prize Laureate
3550443Sakharov Prize Network
3567763Sakharov Prize Network Conferences
1569034social stratification
161833Socialist Forces Front
3501749The Elders
3567689thirst strike
887578unlawful imprisonment

unlawful detention

illegal restraint

false imprisonment

165822Velvet Revolution
844064weapon of war
3567797Working Party on Information and Communication Policy
3557557World Press Freedom Index
3565999Yo!Festival (Youth Village and Festival)

YO!Fest (Youth Village and Festival)

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