Intellectual property rights, 2014/2256, 2014/2151 (INI)

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The English fields of the following entries have been created or updated in IATE, which include, whenever possible and relevant, also a definition to help understanding. The terms in the other languages will be gradually added or updated by the end of April.

IATE IDSource term
3563817EU customs action plan
2232688Global Europe
826093tax authority / Exchequer
1220965value chain / value-added chain / added value chain
932592due diligence
3563831track and trace technology / track and trace system
3549430EU Justice Scoreboard
3541452Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment / SOCTA
3563816European IPR Helpdesk
3531635pharmaceutical crime
895105legal practitioner
3518405multi-territorial licence
769406private copying
920261fair compensation
3500652European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights
2210186European Small Claims Procedure
933380radio frequency identification
3563862InfoSoc Directive
355988news aggregator / RSS reader
3563881public domain work
3563861Public Domain Calculator
3563863single European copyright title /
unitary European copyright title
3563875freedom of panorama
3563876three-step test
850667licence of right (licensing of rights)
919081WIPO Diplomatic Conference on the Protection of Audiovisual Performances
133281satellite broadcasting
1178782rental right
3563882access to content
765754legal uncertainty
924704future proof
800101fair use
139924exclusive right
3564611news aggregation service
3564650consumer media
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