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The Robotics TermFolder started as a request for an information glossary addressed to TermCoord by the Working Group on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the JURI Committee.

The contains basic terms extracted from documents provided by the working group, containing some of the definitions, as well as the EP documents which were sent for translation on the topic of Civil Law Rules on Robotics. Depending on the working programme of the working group and the JURI Committee new batches will follow.

The first batch is issued under FdR 1114057/0 – deadline 3.2.2017

 3571197 agent
 3571274 artificial intelligence
 1327705 automation
 3569210 autonomous vehicle
 3571293 autonomous transport
 3571294 autonomous means of transport
 1095359 connected vehicle
 3571454 degrees of freedom
 765563 emergency stop
 1327834 robot
 3571281 autonomous robot
 1758507 industrial robot
 3571288 prosthetic robot
 3571295 unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
 3571285 Network Robot System (NRS)
 3571329 networked robot

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