TermCoord Widget

This widget gives users the ability to see Termcoord’s most widely used tools and websites.Copy the code below onto your homepage:


EU Glossaries

This widget gives your visitors the possibility to preform a search in our EU Glossaries.


IATE add ons

iatewidIn our effort to promote the use of IATE, the European Union’s terminology database containing more than 8 million terms in all official EU languages and covering a broad variety of domains, we provide you some tools which will enable you and the users of your websites to access and consult IATE more easily.

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Termcoord booklet

Brochure widgetThis widget gives users access to Termcoord’s booklet. This PDF file shows the range of activities within the Termcoord unit.

Copy the code below in to your wordpress text widget: <a id=iate_widget><a href=http://www.termcoord.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/33410-BROC-A5-TermCoord-EN_proof4.pdf target=_new><img src=http://www.termcoord.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Brochure-widget.jpg alt=Access IATE Public width=200 height=80 /></a>


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