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Short presentation of the project

The aim of this project was to initiate MA1 students to terminology management as well as to contribute to the IATE term-base with well-documented and reliable terms. For this purpose, a number of textual resources were provided by experts and access to the internal IATE database was made available by TermCoord. For each concept, the students had to provide all corresponding terms, plus a definition and a context in English, French and Spanish. The terminological records were then revised by experts in the field of sustainable development in general, and microfinance and energy management in particular. As a last step, they were revised by the EP terminologists.

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Terminology Team

Project Coordinator

Christine Michaux, professor

Christine Michaux is the vice-dean of the FTI-EII translation faculty in the university of Mons (Belgium). Her teaching and research activities are all devoted to terminology, specialised translation and specialized languages.

External experts

Marc Labie


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