50 interesting tools for word lovers

July 29, 2013 2:58 pm

word-loversLearning how to use new words in the proper way is one of the greatest challenges of language users.

It is important to enrich your vocabulary by learning new words every day, finding out where they come from or simply having fun by playing with them.

Therefore, we suggest you a very useful list of 50 links to build your vocabulary, learn about words or make up your own ones.

Here it is a short list of interesting websites, but you can check the full list on the blog Onlineuniversities.

  • Wordnik: This site lets you look up words and find definitions, etymologies, pronunciations and more.
  • Word Spy: This site lists new vocabulary words for you every day, often ones you wouldn’t have heard before.
  • A Word A Day: Make sure you’re constantly learning new words with this site that lists a new word each day.
  • Wordle: Generate word clouds from words that you enter into this site a great way to display the words you love or make graphics for a site.
  • Word Games: Try out this site for hundreds of fun word games.
  • Online Etymology Dictionary: Look up your favorite words on this site to learn more about where they come from.



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