From blog to website


Part II – New features

nigel-glasses2 (1) In Part I, published last week, we introduced the new website, stating the reason for the changes despite having had a successful year with our blog. We also talked about our design philosophy and the things we wanted to achieve with the launching of our new website. Today’s instalment will go into more detail about the new features which you may expect with the new website.

As our visitors should already be familiar with our current blog, we already expect you to be familiar with the IATE widget which we have provided throughout the months. With the launch of TermCoord’s new website, we will be offering two new widgets: a digital booklet (explaining the activities of the TermCoord unit); and a page which shows the applications widely used within the TermCoord unit.

Providing two new widgets in addition to our IATE widget was problematic because one of our design philosophies was to have less clutter on our website.

Other small improvements we have made to our new website include a dedicated feedback button which we will monitor daily. This makes it easier for visitors to give feedback, which will allow us to improve our services.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s instalment in the series. In the final article, we will talk about site navigation. Meanwhile, if you think there are features that you would like to see on the new TermCoord website, make sure you get your suggestions to us ASAP!

Article written by Nigel Marneef, trainee at TermCoord