From blog to website


Part III – Navigation

Welcome to the final part in this series. In parts I & II, I went over the design philosophy and the new widgets TermCoord has up for offer. In the final part, I will go briefly over some of the navigation aspects of our new website, as a few small things will look different compared to our current blog.


(everything shown on the picture is subject to change until the official launch.)

As you can see on the picture above, you will find that we have four clickable images on the right side , managing to avoid all the text  we have on our current blog.

Apart from receiving a facelift, IATE Public will work the same as it does on our current blog. Events was taken from the navigation bar on our current blog, and added as an image on the right-hand side. On our current blog, users can find useful links on the navigation bar as well, while in our new website useful links can be found by clicking on the links image. Finally we have the resources image. This will lead to a page where you can copy the widget code of both our new TermCoord widget and our new TermCoord booklet widget.

Lastly, for those interested in finding specific articles, our search functionality can now be found on our banner, together with the direct links to TermCoord’s social media and RSS feed.

Well, that is it from me; I hope you had as much fun reading these articles as I had working on our new website. Keep your eyes peeled to your monitors for news on our new website “Soon™”

Article written by Nigel Marneef, trainee at TermCoord