Terminologists from the world: Donatella Pulitano visits TermCoord

December 2, 2013 2:37 pm

IMG-20131202-WA0004On Friday 15 November Ms Donatella Pulitano, head of a central Terminology Service in Switzerland and President of the group of German Terminology Experts,  RaDT (Rat für deutschsprachige Terminologie), visited TermCoord and was given a presentation about TermCoord’s services. Mr Pulitano took the opportunity to offer to share various resources with TermCoord and to cooperate in various areas of common interest. The following day, Rodolfo  Maslias, head of TermCoord, was invited to the bi-annual meeting of the RaDT, where he presented TermCoord and the terminology work done at the EP. After an interesting exchange of views the RaDT decided to invite TermCoord  to become a permanent member of RaDT which means that the EP will be represented in this group alongside the Commission which is already a member.

(in the picture, from the left: Theodora Dourda, IT Coordinator for TermCoord, Ms Donatella Pulitano, Rodolfo Maslias, TermCoord Head of the Unit)

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