IATE Term of the week: International safety management code

April 25, 2014 12:46 pm


The safety management of ferry operators has come under the spotlight in recent weeks, not least in the wake of Wednesday’s maritime disaster off the coast of South Korea. Fingers have been pointed at the crew for its handling of the passengers’ evacuation as the Sewol ferry capsized and sank after apparently having hit an underground reef.

Under the International Safety Management Code, guidelines are in place for the authorities to conducts regular briefings on safety for ferry operators. The safety briefings cover the importance of navigational safety, compliance with collision regulations and port regulations, as well as observance of good seamanship practices for ferry masters and officers.

As South Korea has seen a number of major maritime accidents in South Korea over the past decades, it seems that not all operators take safety management seriously enough,

Follow the latest news on the recent Korean Sewol ferry disaster here in the Korea Herald.

Recount the events as they unfolded minute by minute here in this BBC live report.

For more information on maritime safety, please consult the website of the International Maritime organisation.


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