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9th June – the last day!

The website of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European is the unique public website of the European Institutions on Terminology. It was created in 2011 as a blog and converted into a website in Septemnber 2013. Its aim is

to bring the wide public in contact with the terminology work produced by the biggest translation “machine” in the world of international institutions by some 5000 translators translationg into 24 languagues the EU legislation that makes 80% of the national legislation of 28 countries

but also to provide to its by now 450.000 visitors with easy access to all resources produced and used by the EU translators and to promote the possibilities of cooperation with the European Parliament like traineeships, terminology projects developed with universities, publishing of terminology theses, contribution to the database IATE. was nominated by among the 100 best linguistic blogs worldwide.

Today is your last possibility if you wish to encourage our efforts to keep a window open to the EU terminology resources.