Seminar: Terminology in Academia

June 6, 2014 11:54 am


5th June 2014

Terminology is a science which is becoming more and more indispensable for globalised multilingual communication in all fields; politics, business, and research. While humanities studies are unfortunately decreasing in education in Europe, terminology research is expanding in academia. It has become a crucial tool for a large variety of businesses and a basic condition for the development of new translation tools and databases, which allows multilingual cooperation in all activity sectors.

Another aspect is that web development is entering the phase of big data and advanced intelligence, which creates new needs and offers enhanced possibilities for terminology. These trends have clearly affected the field of terminology research in universities worldwide.

Since its creation, TermCoord has strived to update EU terminology management along the lines of the apparent evolutionary trends of the discipline. It has created a network of close relations with several faculties specialized in both the linguistic and the computational aspects of terminology. This provides our translators with the most advanced and reliable terminology resources and tools.

In this framework, we co-operate closely with the University of Luxembourg, where we have contributed a terminology module to a master course. We have also developed IATE project collaborations with universities as presented by Professor Michaux from the University of Mons. Bernard Mary, the head terminologist of the French Unit, also added a few words from the perspective of EP colleagues who validate and insert the results in the database. Additionally, we are examining an upgrade of IATE by adding ontologies, the semantic aspect of doing terminology, as is done in academic research. Professor Bertaccini from the University of Bologna gave an interesting insight into this possibility in his presentation, which compared knowledge bases and databases.

The seminar was opened by the Director General for Translation, Mrs. Janet Pitt. Colleagues from Brussels were also able to attend via videoconference.


You can access the presentations below:
– Prof. Bertaccini (EN / FR)
– Prof. Michaux EN

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