Music as a Language

July 9, 2014 11:22 am


“Music imusic2s a language. Both music and verbal languages serve the same purpose. They are both forms of expression. They can be used as a way to communicate with others. They can be read and written; they can make you laugh or cry, think or question; and can speak to one or many. And both can definitely make you move. In some instances music works better than the spoken word, because it doesn’t have to be understood to be effective”.

This week’s video-fix has linguistic rhythm, chords as words and the treble clef as an exclamation mark. It’s harmonic, melodic and a bit romantic. The video suggests that teaching/learning music should be approached in the same way we acquire first languages: you began making mistakes, surrounded by more proficient speakers that helped you on the way. “To use a musical term, as a baby you were allowed to jam with professionals”, they say.

A nice way to learn music and languages: accept mistakes, get veteran and novice players-learners together, imagine, practice… and find something interesting to say (in musical and linguistic terms).

“After all, music is language too”.


By Jurdana Martin Retegi
Student of MA Learning & Communication in Multilingual & Multicultural Contexts
University of Luxembourg
Study visitor at TermCoord

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