It’s the Sound of the Grammar Police!



All hail the Grammar Police! While he may be (very) annoying, he is only here to help you decipher the most strenuous aspect of any language. We’re of course talking about grammar.

Did you sleep during those dull classes? Many of us did, and now we suffer for it. Whether your problem is that you don’t know when to use “who” or “whom”, or maybe you find yourself being mocked online for your lacking English skills, we strongly advise, nay we implore, you to watch the video below.



Enlightening? Hopefully, this should set some of your problems straight, but please don’t expect that this video will ‘teach you everything’. Knowing a language fully takes years of hard work and practice, but most of all motivation.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a glossary on Motivational Terms.



By Oscar Larsson
Student at University of Glasgow, School of Social & Political Sciences
Communication Trainee at TermCoord