About Marketing Jargon


native3_e6DS7OTIf there is such a place where new trends show up, a leading edge in dialect and jargon, that is Marketing. Keywords in marketing are universally accepted and immediately adopted by a large community of makers, copywriters, managers, etc. That is why there should be a great concern to the topic, as well as a constant attention to a growing, key sector in which technologycal changes are crucial part of the game. There are a few buzzwords here to keep in mind. You will understand how to deal with a brand new type of advertising, which is “native” one, you’ll learn how to think about your message for a broad audience in “Gen Z”, and to promote the brands in slightly new way, in different platforms: that is “omnichannel”. Another clue of what’s going on in Marketing. Bear in mind the buzzword “programmatic”: it’s the way computer aided selling is called, these times.

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By Matteo Poles

Social Media Specialist

Communication Trainee at TermCoord