Terms and Terminology in a European Context – An Academic Insider Conference



The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University ROMA III organized last week a three-day conference on Terminology.

Among the Speakers, Elpida Loupaki presented the IATE projects she makes with her students at the University of Thessaloniki and Rodolfo Maslias presented the framework of this cooperation with several European Universities as well as the various free terminology services and resources offered to the Academic World through termcoord.eu and the possibilities for contribution and scientific publications on an official specialized terminology website of the EU. You can read here this common presentation.

Most of the speakers extensively used in their PowerPoints examples from the EU database IATE and several panel discussions focused on the cooperation with the EU Institutions and the expectations of the European citizens and bodies in the field of Terminology.

TermCoord will keep in contact with the participants of this very interesting conference in order to host articles on our blog space and to provide to our readers access to their presentations.

I indicatively mention some of the most related to EU terminology:

Sara Castagnoli from the University of Bologna: Translators and EU parallel texts: Help or Trap? A corpus-based study of terminology differences between EU and National Texts written in Italian

The presentations of Elena Chiocchetti from EURAC-Bolzano and George Floros, University of Cyprus on the need to add in the legislative terminology databases like IATE different terms for the same concept used in the various legal systems in the same language (in these cases in German and Greek)

David Best from the ULB, Brussels on the impact of legal terminology and its untranslatability on language parity in the EU, stressing the fact that EU translations constitute equally binding legal texts in all official languages, our main argument to stress the importance of terminology and linguistic consistency in our Institutions

Anna Maria Monterde-Rey from the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria on EU terminology on Fisheries, the terminology software Genesis that she developed and precious specialized multilingual glossaries on Fisheries containing also the Latin scientific denomination as a very useful common reference
Luisa Caiazzo and Katherine Russo from the University L’Orientale of Naples with their presentations both related to environmental terminology and policy

Carmen Fiano from the University Uniparthenope of Naples on military terminology especially in view of the important conference organized by NATO in Brussels in November 2015 to which TermCoord will also participate.

But also on interesting aspects like the presentation of Mercedes Bengoechea from the University of Alcalà on the agentives for women and her questions on how multilingual termbases like IATE deal with the need to use non-sexist language in terminology resources, an on-going effort also for big official dictionaries like the recent case of the Real Academia in Spain.

TermCoord is very thankful to Elpida Loupaki and to the main organizer of the TTEC Conference Paola Faini for giving us the opportunity to discuss with all these very high leveled terminologists the modern approach of Terminology adopted by the European Institutions and our Unit with a more open interaction and cooperation with the academic world in a field like terminology that is expanding very quickly and gets but also offers new possibilities through cat tools, multilingual communication, globalization and big data in the web.


You may click here to open the complete program of the conference


Rodolfo Maslias
Terminology Coordination Unit
European Parliament, Luxembourg