Should Translators use the Cloud?


Using cloud computing services has many possible benefits for translators, such as memory space and applications. You should also be aware about the risks though, making sure that the tools for the job actually work safely.

The drawbacks of cloud services aren’t discussed that much, whereas the advantages are generously advertised by giants like Microsoft or Google. One first, big issue might be the intellectual property of the data, which is not the translators’, but the clients’. If it is not your data, then a copyright issue might arise. Whether a translator is using cloud storage or third-part cloud applications, the text–or raw data–is often regulated and must be treated with extreme caution. Things get even more troublesome if your consider the case of medical records and healthcare information, which is particularly sensitive. Compromising this data can result in severe punishments. As recent news shows, leaks are possibile and painful, and can lead to troubles of legal nature.

This article published by the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters goes into much more detail about these issues, starting from the personal experience of an author skilled in both the fields of computer security and translations.

By Matteo Poles

Social Media Specialist

Communication Trainee at TermCoord