‘Words Travel Worlds’ wins ‘Spot the Translator’ video contest from CEATL

October 8, 2014 2:53 pm

CEATL – the European Council of Literary Translators – chose ‘Portraits of Literary Tranlsators’ as the topic for the 2014 international video contest ‘Spot the Translator’. The goal was to open a little window onto translators’ lives and works. So all of them were asked to make short films about their life as a literary translator and what that means to them.

Winner was announced on September 22nd and according to the jury, ‘Words Travel Worlds’ by Cristina Savelli and Alessandra Maldina best described the emotional and creative processes around a translator’s life. The message of this short movie is all about “travelling words”.

Think about it. You open a book, which maybe was originally written in english, french or even japanese. So if it weren’t for that lovely person who actually translated it, you would have never had the chance to read those lines. Great books as Ulysses by Joyce, or 1Q84 by Murakami could have been only read by english and japanese speaking people. How so much greatness and art we could have missed if those words wouldn’t have travelled all over the world and weren’t delivered to us?

Take a look at the winning movie… and keep it in mind next time you grab a book.


Words Travel Worlds from cristina savelli on Vimeo.


By Sabina Grixoni

Communication Trainee at TermCoord

Editor and Social Media Specialist

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