The EAFT Summit in Barcelona: Terminology goes social!



How does social networking affect terminology work? This is the title of the seventh EAFT Terminology Summit, which took place in Barcelona, 27–28 November. EAFT, organised by TERMCAT, chairing the Association.

TermCoord, represented by Rodolfo Maslias will present ‘Terminology management and social media in the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament’.

Social networks outbreak in our life and works, in a way even the academic world cannot avoid to properly consider. That’s why the international terminology community opens a debate about the effect of these media on all the aspects of terminology work, in four different sessions, some which will be open to speakers. One, particularly, will be addressed to professionals who want to share their own experiences.

More specifically, during the first session the debate will concern networking and crowdfunding. Can social media be really useful for specialists, to connect them and facilitate their projects? On the second session the seminar will focus on social media as a source in linguistics research, expecially for neologisms. More on, the following session will relate on how to use the social media to spread terminology, the network interaction model more suitable for that, and the best improvement for social media managing.


The last will be an open session, during which professionals could speak of first hand experiences. TermCoord, with years of experience in social media managing and terminology, is expected to greatly contribute to the debate.

Check out the complete programme of the Summit.

And find, also, a follow-up to the VII EAFT Terminology Summit in Barcelona (2014): how does social networking affect terminology work? here.