Kaleidoscope Presents at the SDL Public Sector Forum


It might seem obvious, but not only translators and terminologist have to deal with terminology. From writers and researchers to businesses and consumers, at some point all of those will have some issues related to terminology. Though unlike most professional translators, these people don’t have easy access to advanced translation tools or terminology databases. More often than not they’ll turn to Google or Wikipedia instead. A missed opportunity, so think the people at Kaleidoscope, but not for much longer if it’s up to them. At the SDL Public Sector Forum held in Luxemburg on 15 October 2014, Klaus Fleischmann presented Kaleidoscope’s projects aimed at making terminology more accessible for all kinds of users. Want to know more? Check out the presentation below:

Terminology Life Cycle and User Engagement: SDL MultiTerm Workflow

by Brecht Savelkoul

Communications Trainee at TermCoord