Charlemagne Youth Prize



charlemagne_prize_largeHave you got an idea for promoting European consciousness among young people? Are you working on a project about integration? Then you have a chance to win The Charlemagne Youth Prize, earn some money, and win a trip to the European Parliament too. The prize is intended for young people, and it is the youth’s version of the original German Karlspreis, one of the most famous European awards, assigned since 1950 in the city of Aachen, to people who greatly contributed to the European unity. Clearly, the prize is named after Charlemagne, or Charles the Great. The Charlemagne Youth Prize is the word we have chosen as IATE’s term of the week, it is a very interesting initiative in times of common skepticism and international turmoil.


We also add the link of the official page, in case you want to participate in the next edition.


by Matteo Poles

Social Media Specialist

Communication Trainee at TermCoord