European Terminology Summit in Barcelona: how does social networking affect terminology work?


Barcelona hosted last week the European Terminology Summit 2014. This regular event of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) regroups important actors in the field of terminology, mainly from universities and public institutions. This year`s summit was organized by TermCat, the Catalan Terminology Organisation that is in charge of the secretariat of the Association.

The topic this year was “How does social networking affect terminology work?”. In the four sessions on the 27th and 28th of November, interesting questions were addressed, like should social networks be a source in terminological research or can social networks be used to disseminate terminology?

TermCoord, being an active member of the European Association for Terminology, opened the session of the first day with a presentation entitled: Collaborative work and networking. Rodolfo Maslias made a short introduction in Catalan in honour of the hosting organisation. The presentation focused on the aspects of communication and the use of all social media to collect and disseminate terminology resources. The highly appreciated tools offered to the public on the web through the website, GlossaryLinks searching in some 2000 selected glossaries and the DocHound regrouping links to all official EU-documents on one page, were demonstrated as well as all activities involving academic or other external cooperation and input.


A separate presentation showed the activity of TermCoord in the social media, its communication strategy and the means of monitoring and collecting terminology resources on the web.

Finally, the participants could see all possibilities offered to the wide public for feedback and contribution to the terminology work in the EP and the resources and tools available on this website.

Important and very interesting modern sources for terminology were presented to the large audience, like terminology blogging, neology websites and terminology databases and tools.

At the end of the first day, EAFT held its General Assembly and elected its new Board, and the summit closed with the Terminology Awards to two terminology theses to which TermCoord will dedicate shortly separate posts.

Here you can also find a selection of tweets.

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