How language shapes the way we work

December 14, 2014 12:00 pm

2If you search through the net, you can easily come up with some enlightening articles and sources. Since it’s Sunday and we all want to lie in bed and just relax, we propose some interesting reading about the hidden connection between language and behaviour. The main point, rather simple but way too ignored, is that positive terminology affects the workers in a positive way. It’s something linguists know very well, since Wittgenstein explored the topic in his essays. Think about the times that, at your workplace, you hear complaints rather than optimistic support, or you find obstructive behaviour rather than cooperative, useful feedback. Try to remember the most common behaviours in your social circle: they are likely to be the same. Well, young generations are becoming more aware of the fact that a motivational environment is really important and they are looking forward to another kind of business, job and society. The job they describe is “creative”, “fun” and “collaborative”. The world they want to live in is “connected”. A positive language can lead you through meetings, projects and plans of life in a new way, or at least that’s what they believe.

Are young generations naive? Maybe. But what about the CEO of an outstanding IT company, what about Hollywood’s producers, or an amazing amount of newcomers in business? You will find that many agree with the perspective of this eager new generation. They all sympathize with the idea that language shapes the world we are living in: defining it in an enthusiastic way, or in a brand new way, can provide meaningful changes in business, and in the life of many, too. The new language could shape also the world we are living in, and it’s the time for a change in models of business, for many reasons. From a rampant yuppies’ era, in which the terms were aggressive, to a more enlightened model that improves collaboration, nets and social concern, and requires a new terminology to be adopted. Here you will find some more ideas:


by Matteo Poles

Social Media Specialist

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