Which English do you Speak?

December 6, 2014 12:32 pm

English-LanguageUnlike a lot of other languages, English hasn’t got a single dominant centre that decides what is “proper English” and what isn’t. As a result there are big cultural and geographical differences that distinguish the various branches of English. This online test tries to determine which variant you speak, based on you grammatical intuitions. First you have to interpret some grammatically ambiguous statements. Then you’re asked to pick the right word or phrase to complete a couple of sentences. (Hint: if you don’t think any of them fits, you can just leave it open!) Finally, you’re supposed to decide which sentences from a list are grammatically correct and which aren’t. Based on this information the test calculates which native version of English you speak (English, Australian, American, etc.) and which is your likely mother tongue.

For me the results were pretty accurate. How about you? Which English do you speak? Tell us in the comments!

by Brecht Savelkoul

Communications Trainee at TermCoord

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