“Big Multilingual Terminological Data Space” – TermCoord at the Riga Summit

March 23, 2015 10:43 am


TermCoord, together with Professor Navigli from the University La Sapienza of Rome, will present the project “Big Multilingual Terminological Data Space” on the 29th of April at the Riga Summit 2015.

Some months ago I wrote a post on multilingual Big Data and terminology, stressing the possibility of interconnecting all major databases and of creating big multilingual spaces with terminology in all domains at the service of communication in our multilingual world.

The challenge we face is that we are now confronted on the web with an enormous amount of all kinds of data, the so called Big Data, which are unstructured and very difficult to process, classify and identify.

Terminology can be a means to structure big data and to facilitate targeted search in various fields like employment, health or social services, among others, so that the EU citizen can easily find a job, a therapy or a social service in any EU language in any EU country.

TermCoord initiated and participates in an academic research project aiming to connect, under a common semantic structure, a common ontology, all terminology stored in databases and glossaries in a common metasearch tool. The objective is to provide a big unified space with high quality and specialized terminology from all important institutional, academic and industrial entities.

The members of the “Big Multilingual Terminological Data Space” project are five universities, three European Institutions and two language service providers:

The University of Luxembourg will provide the ontology for the common semantic organization of the space working in a pilot phase with major multilingual databases like IATE, TermTerm and EuroTermBank. Three universities specialized in terminology and communication, Cologne, Salerno and Thessaloniki work on common terminology projects to apply the research on test fields, starting with IATE. La Sapienza of Rome, headed by prof. Navigli, creator of BabelNet, will work on the metasearch tool, using as pilot TermCoord’s GlossaryLinks tool. It contains already some 6000 glossaries and databases in various formats.

The role of the three EU Institutions (EP-TermCoord, Publications Office and Translation Centre) is to provide the terminology of the European legislation, available in TBX on the Open Data Portal of the Publications Office, to cooperate for the creation of the ontology on the basis of EU internal ontologies like EuroVoc and some databases of European agencies managed by the Translation Centre, as well as to offer to the project testing by active users of the IATE database, experienced translators/terminologists cooperating with TermCoord.

With the assistance of the two linguistic service providers Tilde and Coreon, with a long experience in EU terminology projects, the five universities will try to receive support in human resources from EU or national funds.

Further details on the project will be published in this blog after the presentation. In the meantime you can stay updated by following the Riga Summit on Twitter, Facebook, and the related Riga Summit website.

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