Google Translate app: Lost or found in translation?




Is it destined to be one of our new obsessions? Google has yet the lion’s share in many businesses. From the leading edge search engine, it transformed itself into a colossal enterprise whose branches extend to all fields: from press, publishing or advertising to the most advanced technologies. Even though the Google glasses didn’t hit the streets as they were supposed to do, quite a number of apps did. And one of them is arousing a lot of curiosity among travellers and tourists.

We are talking about the Google Translate app for smartphones. We already devoted a post to this app in January. However, some more recent feedback has been provided on the 3rd of February by a journalist who decided to try its performance. The result? Purely linguistic barriers on holidays might be broken; humour, jokes, nuances and other subtler barriers are not. As stated by Ariane Bogain, a senior lecturer in modern foreign languages at the University of Northumbria, “for basic things, it might be very useful, (…) but it is never going to pick up the nuances, the cultural references or the humour”.

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By Matteo Poles

Social Media Specialist

Communication Trainee at TermCoord