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April 25, 2015 8:30 am

We would like to remind you about our great collection of recommended readings and e-books which are translation, terminology and linguistics-related. You can easily find them on our website in the category “Resources”.

This time we encourage you to look inside the publication “Languages for Special Purposes in a Multilingual, Transcultural World”, the proceedings of the 19th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes which was held in Vienna, Austria, in 2013.


The publication consists of nine chapters: Domain-specific languages; LSP in specific languages, countries, regions of the world; Multilingualism, language policies, and socio-cultural issues of LSPs; Professional communication; Specialized translation; LSP teaching and training; Corpus-studies for LSP practice and research; Terminologies in theory and practice; Colloquium LISE: A quality boost for terminological resources. It is a great collection of abstracts written by professors around the world.

Here you can download some articles or the whole publication:

Languages for Special Purposes in a Multilingual, Transcultural World

Written by Aleksandra Święcicka. Journalist, web editor and social media expert. Communication Trainee at TermCoord


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