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May 30, 2015 11:00 am

wikiThe team of TermCoord that has created the wikis of EurTerm to be used by each language community organises together with the EurTerm coordinator interinstitutional videoconferences for the terminologists of each language in Luxembourg and Brussels in order to enable them to activate their wiki.

These sessions of 2 hours consist in an initial short presentation of the main resources if EurTerm and in a detailed training on screen on how to upload and update material in the wikis, to manage the rights and roles for the different groups of users contributing from the Institutions or from the Member States, since several language communities want to use the wiki as a collaborative platform to interact with their national experts.

For some languages, like for Italian, Greek and Spanish, such presentations/trainings have been organized ad hoc, while other communities have included them in their interinstitutional meetings held in Luxembourg. This was the case of the French, Polish and Croatian and shortly of the Slovenian colleagues.

The meeting with the Spanish terminologists has been the occasion to test a new feature that permits the interactive discussion and storage if terminology, which is being optimised based on their feedback to make of the wikis a precious permanent online tool for day bybday terminology work on interinstitutional language specific level.

Gradually most of the language communities adopt and activate the templates provided by EurTerm, which present towards some already existing wikis a better accessibility and interactivity and an easier technical administration and content management with the constant assistance of the EurTerm coordinator and the team of TermCoord.

Rodolfo Maslias

Terminology Coordination

European Parliament

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