Top Ten of Glossaries of Month

May 7, 2015 11:07 am

glossarylinksThis article collects the most interesting glossaries and dictionaries that have been published over the last month. Here you have a list with the most important terms in different fields, in order to provide you useful information on terminology, linguistics, translation and multilinguism. Have a look at this resource and simply select the one which you are interested in:

1. Glossary of Castle and Church. Specific vocabulary about the parts of castles and churches that was one of the most checked and shared from our social media networks.

2. Glossaries of Termcat. Collection that includes on line terminology dictionaries which are grouped into five broad thematic areas: Humanities; Life and Health sciences; Law and Economics; Sports; Technology.

3. Wine Glossary. What do you know about the fascinating world of wine? Find out new terms and concepts.

4. European education and Training Policy. Multilingual glossary that defines 130 key terms used in European education and training policy.

5. Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics. Useful resource with lists of abbreviations and symbols, the International Phonetic Alphabet and alphabetical entries.

6. Glossary of Watch Terminology. Specific terminology on jewellery design and current trends.

7. Medical Dictionary. Searchable medical dictionary defining the most common medical terms. Includes over 22,000 medical and health related terms.

8. Circus Terminology Database. Check the most interesting terms in this field.

9. Glossary of Humanitarian Terms. The terms and definitions in this glossary have been compiled from existing glossaries and other reference material available to the public, with a focus on their common usage and understanding within a humanitarian context, particularly as relating to natural disasters, complex emergencies and disaster risk reduction.

10. Glossary of Energy. List with the most important terms on energy.

Every month we will propose you a list with the most relevant glossaries.

From our website you can be always updated on different terms, meanings and definitions concerning specifics fields. If you need to consult any other term or to know more about any particular topic, check our general list of Glossary links.


By Lidia Capitan Zamora. Journalist, web editor and social media expert.

Communication Trainee at TermCoord

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