Rescue package


IATE term of the weekThe term “rescue package” is frequently used in the context of the economic crisis. It is now closely related to Greece, which was the first member state of the EU that was deep in debt. The term “rescue package” in case of Greece describes funds given in form of credits by other Member States of the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund. Sometimes also the term “bail-out” is applied as in this context it has the same meaning as “rescue package”. The programme for the second “rescue package” ended on 30th June 2015.

Also during the plenary session of the European Parliament taking place in Strasbourg this week the MEPs discussed with Prime Minister Tsipras the current situation in Greece. Until Sunday, which is the final deadline, Greece has to present new proposals at a further EU summit.

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IATE Rescue package


By Patricia Bula, study visitor at TermCoord