Voice recognition boosts your language skills

July 1, 2015 11:44 am

Even if you have been learning foreign languages for ages, it does not mean that you will be a great speaker or writer – especially if you are afraid of speaking with others or you make plenty of misspellings or mispronounciations. To solve these problems, the voice recognition, which is also named speech recognition or speech-to-text, was invented. This is a special application which slightly makes your life easier and  refers not only to the voice navigation system, but becomes more and more useful for language apps, which boost your pronunciation level. Take prompt action to record your voice and allow this technology to perform evaluation of the correctness of your delivering speech.


For instance, Babbel is a special tool which estimates how close your pronunciation to native speakers is. Moreover, feedback is always given in real time. After recording your voice, you will receive the score 1-100 as an assessment of the quality of the delivered speech.

What is worth adding, this speech recognition is recommended for pupils and students who struggle with the core writing and reading skills or suffer from severe physical or learning disabilities, for instance: dyslexia, dysgraphia or limited motor skills. If you want to reduce the level of some obstacles during writing, as you are constantly missing some key words or make misspellings, the speech recognition will provide you with the best quality of your article.

When bad pronunciation triggers communication problems

Suffice to say that the best option to learn a foreign language is speaking with native speakers or living abroad, but what to do if we cannot afford taking private lessons with native speakers or we lack the courage to start a new life abroad? You can always listen to English movies, sing a song or just visualize the positioning of your mouth and face to make a perfect sound in a foreign language.

If you want to see how the speech recognition forces us to be more phonologically aware and pronounce words in the appropriate manner, just check this funny video and do not try to behave like that – especially if your office is on the respective floor.



Speech recognition to aid language learning

Speech recognition for learning

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