Top Ten Glossaries of the Month



Continuing to share our most ‘top ten’ glossaries, we made a list of the most interesting findings of this month. From weather phenomena, continuing with scientific and human rights definitions explained, and finishing with…coffee!

  1. Thunderstorm terminology explainedWas it thundering today? Do you want to have a wider vocabulary for concrete explanations of these phenomena? Check this glossary!
  2. Glossary of National Hurricane Center Terms
    Thunderstorm is frequent – on the other hand, are you sure that you know the difference between Monsoon and Typhoon? If not – you might want to check these weather phenomena definitions.
  3. Aeronautical Glossary
    Interested in terms that they use in NASA? Difficult words explained in a simple way.
  4. Glossary of Poetic Terms
    Moving from science to arts. For anyone who is interested in poetry, needs detailed information for literature classes, or simply wants to spread their vocabulary.
  5. The names of keys in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
    Music lovers! If you have ever wondered how the names of keys are called in different languages, this catalogue gives a detailed list of equivalents in several languages.
  6. Europass Terminology of European education and training policy
    Definitions in several languages for professors, students, trainees, and educators. This glossary helps to better understand European education policies.
  7. Glossary on gender and development terms
    Toolkit of European Commission for more detailed understanding of gender and sexuality terms.
  8. People on the Move: Handbook of selected terms and concepts
    Very detailed handbook proposed by UNESCO. Concepts related to migration, border-crossing, working abroad, citizenship, and more.
  9. Coffee Glossary
    Tired of ‘serious’ definitions? Let’s have coffee! Glossary for coffee lovers – not only terms related to drinking coffee, but also explanations of coffee production, import-export regulations, and similar definitions. So, which type of coffee did you drink in the morning?
  10. Acronym finder
    Last but not least – acronym finder for a wide range of users. “Acronym finder” is world’s largest database of definitions of acronyms. It is handy to use, since the findings are initially divided into categories. Thus, there is a high chance to find what you need, starting from ‘Military and Government’ or ‘Information Technology’ abbreviations, and ending with ‘Slang and Pop Culture’ section.

For more definitions we suggest you to check our Glossary links database.


Written by Gintarė Kudžmaitė and Shunichi Hashikawa
Study Visit at TermCoord
Students at the University of Luxembourg