What you can find in MetaGlossary


MetaGlossary is a metasearch tool which enables the user to look up the meanings and definitions of over two million words, terms, expressions, acronyms etc. in online dictionaries, glossaries and lexicons. Whether you are searching for general or specialized language, song titles or phrases used in pop culture, MetaGlossary will come up with as much related linguistic information as it can find on the Internet, organized by topic and usage.

The application could not have been more user-friendly: the only two things you have to do is entering a term in the search field and clicking the ‘Define’ button. Initially you will see a list of keywords and a list of related terms, followed by one to three search results and a link to see more results if applicable. Neither the keywords nor the related terms are sorted alphabetically. Under each search result, a link to the corresponding source is added, so you can check the reliability of the source and deepen your research according to your needs and interests.

For instance, entering the word ‘table’ in the search field, will give the following result:

metaglossary Source: MetaGlossary [16.10.2015]

metaglossary Source: MetaGlossary [16.10.2015]

Although MetaGlossary may not work for all languages and not all the links are working, it is a more than useful device to start your terminological research online, especially if you are looking for field-specific concise and direct explanations or definitions in English.

What are you waiting for? Try it out and explore… Good luck!


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Written by Leen Boel
Terminologist trainee at TermCoord