New features and updates for WIPO Pearl terminology database

January 5, 2016 5:50 pm

WIPO PearlCWWmiJMUkAIEaC2.png large, the Multilingual Terminology Database, has recently been upgraded with many useful new features, as well as enlarged with thousands of new terms.

For those who don’t know what we are talking about, WIPO – the World Intellectual Property Organization – launched its database WIPO Pearl to provide free access to a wealth of multilingual scientific and technical terminology from patent documents, making it easier to search and share related knowledge.

The database already included 90,000+ terms and 15,000 concepts in 10 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish), all entered and validated by WIPO-PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) language experts and terminologists. Among its earlier features, we also counted: a classification of concepts by 29 subject fields; “concept maps”, which gave an innovative graphical display of related concepts by language and subject field; a context provided for all terms; a term labelling (e.g. “recommended”, “standardized” or “avoid”); the users’ possibility to rate the quality of results.

Thanks to the recent developments, however, WIPO Pearl terminology portal has been enriched with the following new features:

– the possibility of searching for images of terms found in Linguistic Search, by clicking a “picture” icon. This feature supplements the term definitions provided in the contexts in Linguistic Search, and helps visualize concepts (especially useful for unfamiliar or difficult-to-grasp concepts);

– the addition of a quick-view “Term” list in Linguistic Search, which lets users see at a glance all the terms that are relevant for their searched term, before they explore the details in the main hitlist. Clicking a term in the “Term” list takes users directly to the hitlist entry for that term;

– the possibility of clicking a button to expand a concept map accessed from Linguistic Search so as to show all the concepts in that subfield – useful if users want to explore the broader domain in which their concept map is located, or if their concept hasn’t yet been linked to other concepts.

In addition to this, the terminology database has been updated with 5,000 new terms, 300 new concepts, and 1,000 new concept relations. It now contains over 110,000 patent terms and 16,300 patent concepts. More than 10,000 concepts are linked to other concepts in the database, and all these relationships can be browsed in its Concept Map Search.

You can find the whole list of new features here.

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