Mapping your translation process: another useful tip for your freelance business

February 8, 2016 3:43 pm

mapping the business processIf you ever wondered about what “mapping your translation business” means, here are some useful tips from Marta Stelmaszak, a freelance Polish-to-English translator who wrote her own feedback while attending a course in modelling business processes.

Sometimes, indeed, seeing your translation business from the right distance, meaning the process perspective, implies that you are finally able to realise which elements you do need to function properly as a business – but also that you can finally ensure consistency when working with other people, and consequently improve your customer service.

This is why we strongly invite you to read her interesting article on the topic; for many other articles concerning freelance translation, you can always check the author’s blog.

MartaMarta Stelmaszak is a translator between Polish and English, combining language skills with a thorough understanding of economics and business to help SMEs make as big an international impact as possible, providing translation and interpreting services for the legal, business and marketing sectors.

You can follow her on Twitter (@mstelmaszak) and Facebook.


Written by Eva Barros Campelli

Communication trainee at TermCoord

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