TermCoord launches a new section for its young audience to monitor the labour market

February 12, 2016 10:55 am

Hiring-Manager-Recruiter-RelationshipTermCoord felt that having the only public website on terminology managed by a European Institution and cooperating actively in this field with universities, it should provide information helping its young readers to monitor the labour market for job opportunities in terminology mainly but also in some related fields, like computational linguistics and of course translation and interpretation since we are all linguists.

This idea came to me from the frustration I always feel when our usually very highly skilled trainees reach the end of their traineeship in our Unit, a traineeship of very high mutual benefit since, being involved in all activities, they contribute with their fresh knowledge, creativity and passion and we help them, I believe, with the experience of managing terminology with the strict rules that are imposed in our multilingual work environment.

We live through with these trainees the concerns and the difficulties to find after the traineeship a real job. Because of the tough competition among so many young people with very good knowledge in languages and a very high level of studies, specialisation in some field like terminology and related technologies becomes a very important asset.

It is nevertheless very difficult to access the information that opens the right door at the right time in the nowadays chaotic big data of the labour market, and therefore we thought that we could contribute somehow with providing some information about opportunities in our field in international organisations, universities or big companies.

Therefore we have created this page with some links to job opportunities on the web and social media. We also provide in a slider a permanent monitoring of job offers that our users can consult at any time.


Written by Rodolfo Maslias
Head of TermCoord

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