1ATE Breaking News: NEW TERM added to the European database


(Edit: this post was an April Fools’ joke!)

In the last few days there has been a lot of talking about the EgyptAir plane hijacked by a man with a fake suicide belt who forced it to land in Cyprus on Tuesday. As it was later discovered, the reasons behind the hijacking were not terrorism-related, as the man intended (and demanded) to speak to his Cypriot ex-wife.


Since this was not the first time someone hijacked a plane out of love, TermCoord’s team of terminologists, in a critical five-hour long brainstorming meeting, decided that such phenomenon needed an official definition.

It has therefore been chosen an appropriate expression to describe this kind of air piracy: the new term, which has already been added to IATE, is “love-jacking”, meaning the unlawful seizure of an aircraft for love-related reasons.


The new expression will enter into use as from today, 01/04/16, and will be the only term that must be used to talk about this kind of incidents, not only within the European institutions, but also in all kind of media.

For this reason, we need your help in order to translate our newly-created term in all the missing languages. If you can contribute, please get in touch with the IATE team.


An example of the use of the word “love-jacking”

Written by Silvia Morani
Communication Trainee at TermCoord