TermCoord.eu’s new look


The Terminology Coordination Unit at the European Parliament has a new and improved website. The team of web designers made it more responsive and user friendly. The new website includes now the “Discover” side bar which gives easy access to all the interesting termcoord.eu features. If you hover over the sidebar it slides open giving access to TermCoord Toolbox,  Glossaries, or search in IATE and new posts on the blog. It could be interesting to check out the 223 Glossaries published by all EU containing the terminology jargon used in translations.


On the main page menu the user can find the tabs such as About, IATE, Universities and many others. The terminology associations tab is an inventory of active links to national and international associations of translators and interpreters for whom terminology resources are important in their work.

Traineeships&Jobs is another interesting tab where the person who visits termcoord.eu finds all there is to know about traineeships in Terminology Coordination Unit and at the European Institutions or job opportunities in the field of terminology and translation.

As termcoord.eu is visited by thousands of young users, it now includes the projects that the Terminology Coordination Unit is doing in collaboration with universities all over Europe. In the same section users can publish a paper or a thesis related to terminology and get instant visibility in the field.screen 6 - iate term of the weekAn important section of termcoord.eu is the blog. There the visitor can check the IATE term of the week: a post on a current topic, usually related to the activities of the EU, permitting external users to suggest an improvement of an entry in IATE in the missing languages. Also on the blog the visitor can find interviews with some of the most important terminologists and linguists in the world, made by the TermCoord team.

Last but not least, users can sign up for the TermCoord newsletter!

Written by Raluca Caranfil
Communication Trainee at TermCoord
Journalist & Student at the University of Luxembourg